Why Real Madrid shouldn’t buy Luis Suárez

Signing Luis Suárez should be a no-brainer for the world’s richest club. The Uruguayan striker has 22 goals in 17 Premier League appearances, and Real Madrid yearn for a world-class forward. But that is before taking a glance at the Liverpool striker’s various hi-jinks, and considering whether a world-class striker is even necessary. 

After all, this is the man who racially abused Patrice Evra, bit Branislav Ivanovic and dragged an entire club into the mire with his antics. Add to this the fact that Madrid are only just recovering from the negative influence a certain Portuguese manager had on their image, and it is easy to see why things aren’t so straightforward for the Spanish giants.

While Real Madrid cannot truly claim to be a ‘gentleman’s’ club anymore, this is still an institution that cares about its public perception. It is one of the reasons why Pérez hired the classy, unassuming Carlo Ancelotti after the departure of the volatile, unscrupulous Mourinho. It is also the reason why the club are looking to get rid of the radical Ultras Sur group (a sensible initiative which I fully hope the club goes through with- after all, what club wants to be associated with a group of neo-Nazis?). Why buy a player who could potentially destroy the whole post-Mourinho rebuilding process in a matter of seconds on the field?
It is true that the club has been looking for a world-class centre-forward for some time. When Mourinho was at the helm, he demanded a top quality striker from Florentino Pérez, frustrated with having only Karim Benzema as an option up front. The response? Emmanuel Adebayor, signed on loan until the end of the season.

Although Benzema is often criticised, he is a vital part of Real Madrid’s front three.

Benzema himself has never really endeared himself to the Bernabéu faithful. Too often the Frenchman has been accused of being overweight, of not pulling his weight up front, or of only starting because he is one of the president’s favourites (Pérez flew out to Benzema’s home in France to secure his signature in 2009, and has demonstrated a huge amount of faith in the striker ever since). Various other digs have been levelled at him over the years, some fairer than others, but overall many think that Benzema has not lived up to the potential he had when he arrived at Real Madrid as a 21-year old recommended by none other than club legend Zinedine Zidane.

But, against Granada on Saturday, Benzema still reached the 101-goal mark for Real Madrid and scored his fifth goal in six matches. After a frustrating start to the season Benzema is experiencing something of a renaissance, even beginning to track back and press the opposition, something which he has often been criticised for. Crucially, he is about far more than just goals, remaining a vital point of Madrid’s attack even when he is not scoring. He is selfless in build-up play and is often the one who plays the killer one-two with Cristiano Ronaldo to set the Portuguese forward up for a goal. Some would even go as far as saying that Benzema was one of the main reasons Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or this year. 


Add to that the fact that Morata is an extremely promising forward, even if he is raw at this moment in time, and that Los Blancos boast two of the most direct wingers in the world in Bale and Ronaldo, and you can see why buying Luis Suárez doesn’t make sense. This is still a forward line capable of great things, even without a truly world-class striker playing through the middle.


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